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"Your specialist to lock PDFs to restrict copy, print and edit of portable documents"

Secure PDF

Sometimes your PDF file holds important information that you want to secure from unauthorized access. For security of these files, users can set a unique password.  The facility is offered by Secure PDF program. This tool is specialized in locking PDFs to make them secure. The advance tool works under modern methodology for locking portable documents.

Key Attractions of the PDF Locking Tool

  • Let you restrict any of your choice PDFs
  • Set desired password for PDFs
  • Restrict users to copy, print and edit PDFs
  • Restrict to add annotations
  • Save the restricted PDFs to your decided location in the system
  • Set password of healthy PDFs
  • A Windows based application

Key Features to Secure PDF

Free trial of PDF Security Program is available to install. Download the app today to evaluate how it works.

PDF Security

Set Security

PDF protector program has been designed to set security of unlocked PDF files. It lets you set a unique password by including numbers, symbols and characters. Strong password formation is possible.

PDF Security

Just 3 Steps for Setting Security

The IU interface of the program is easy to understand and remember. Users just need to follow 3 simple steps for setting passwords- select required PDF file, create a unique password and save the locked PDFs locally.

PDF Security

Restrict Print of PDFs

By locking PDFs with PDF Locking app, you can secure these portable documents from printing. It is only the owner of a PDF file can access and print it. The tool restricts printing as the password is generated.

PDF Security

Restrict Copy & Edit of PDFs

With the help of this program, users generate a unique password for a PDF file. The locked PDFs cannot be copied and edited until your permission. To access copy or edit, all you need to unlock PDFs.

PDF Security

Safe to Use

The user friendly app is safe to use. It doesn't cause any problem to PDFs. The app just locks PDFs. No file is damaged or mismanaged while you set up security.


Secure PDF Screenshots

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